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EDTECH 543-First Blog Assignment

I am excited about this course!  My initial reactions about joining the social networks were, “hmm, I already have accounts on each of these!”.  This is my last course (besides Portfolio) in the MET program and so I have been well introduced to many tech tools.  I decided that for the purpose of this course I would start clean new accounts (besides Diigo, which I already had a BSU account) and it feels good having a fresh start.

My experience using social media for professional development has been fairly limited besides the projects in the MET program.  Each seminary has a Facebook page and I have done some work on them but other than that the most social media I have experienced in work is using WEBEx and email (not sure if these qualify as social media).

Since each Seminary has a Facebook page I have attempted some instructional strategy for Seminary students by encouraging them to read scriptures and post about their experience.  Unfortunately it hasn’t caught on like I had hoped.  Hopefully this course will help me to find ways to make it “catch fire” and be successful.

My expectations for this course is to continue to learn how to social media in a more effective way.  I would like to discover other social media outlets that may be newer and better.  I would like to discover ways to really bring social media to life and have it become a powerful tool in learning.  I’m excited to get started!

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