EDTECH 541-Obstacles and Solutions for Integrating Technology in Seminary

Integrating technology into education has many advantages.  There are almost endless tools available from web and mobile apps.  One of the great benefits to many of these tools is that they are free, or at least a trial version is available in which most of the basic needs may be met, and easy to obtain.   With the many advantages of integrating technology into learning environments there are also some obstacles.

Some of the biggest obstacles I have faced with integrating technology in Seminary classrooms is the lack of resources.  it is obvious to me that technology tools for standard education would take precedence because release-time seminary programs are very few compared to U.S. schools.  It can be very difficult especially attempted to take the core learning disciplines such as art, math, history, science, music, english, etc and use technology tools to have these subjects relate to seminary.  The resources for such activities are not available because of the lack of demand. 

Notwithstanding the lack of demand for these tools, there are a great number and increasing number of tech tools available for seminary.  One solution I have found for overcoming the lack of tech tools obstacle is by taking already made tools and adapting them for seminary.  This process requires more time and creativity, but if carefully searched, the tools can be found.   On the blog page of Jonathan F. Sullivan he suggests a number of ways to use technology in religious education.  One of the issues we all face is affording technology.  He suggests a number of resources to use that are free and available to help with integrating technology tools in religious education. In Sullivan’s webinar he accepts the obstacles and provides solutions and reasons for using tech tools in religious education. One main suggestion Sullivan gives is to have a “willingness to try new things, especially based on “best
practices” in pedagogy” (Sullivan, 2013).  One of the main solutions to overcoming the obstacles of integrating technology is to do as Sullivan suggest, “try new things”.  I have found this to be the case when using technology tools especially in the pioneering age of integrating technology into religious education.



Sullivan, J. (2013, May 2). Webinar Notes: Integrating Technology in Religious Education on a Parish Budget. JonathanFSullivancom. Retrieved April 22, 2014, from http://jonathanfsullivan.com/2013/05/webinar-notes-integrating-technology-in-religious-education-on-a-parish-budget/


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