EDTECH 541-Relative Advantage of Using Technology in Art, Science, and Health

The main content areas of learning in the arts and sciences are: Language arts, social studies, math, the arts, and science.  For many many years these subjects have been studied and taught in many ways.  Now with the many technology tools we have, these core contents in the arts and sciences can be understood in deeper ways.  Take for example art.  Now with the internet, one may see historical art from wherever they are and study it virtually.  One doesn’t need to travel to foreign countries or exotic museums to learn and appreciate art.  In order to learn art, one may take a step by step tutorial online to learn the basics.

Another example of the great advantage of using technology to enhance learning the arts and sciences is in the way music may be understood. Imagine learning the basics of playing the piano or keyboard without even having one!  Sure practice will be required but if one puts in the time in an online course, even without an actual instrument, much of the basics will be learned.   This can be applied to not only learning to play an instrument but also in composing and producing music.  With software for music production such as Garageband students can “compose music in traditional and nontraditional ways” (Roblyer & Doering, 2013 p. 360).   Students can create music using a recording device or they may simulate the music to compose it.   The software today and the microphones are so simple and effective to use, anybody can start to learn. 

Not only is anybody able to learn art or music with technology tools, but also physical fitness can be enhanced by online tools.  Anybody that exercises knows that consistency and goal tracking is the key to success.  What about diets?  What about workout routines?  What if I lose count of my reps?  With online and small digital devices these problems are solved quickly.  Motivation is also necessary for success in physical health.  One way to encourage motivation is by using the online tool of risk assessment.  This program asks the “user to input data regarding his or her lifestyle” (Roblyer & Doering, 2013 p. 387) and then gives the risk for health problems.   


With so many technology tools almost every core content in the arts and sciences may be taught and enhanced eliminating some learning problems.  These tools allow for a deeper understanding of the content because the tools allow deeper involvement from the learner.


Roblyer, M. D., & Doering, A. H. (2013). Integrating education technology into teaching. (6th ed., p 122). Pearson.

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