EDTECH 531 Blowing up the grade book



In this video Chris Haskell argues with stunning results a revolutionary way of teaching and learning. As the title suggests it’s to get rid of the grade book and make learning a game.

I thought it was interesting how the argument of having homework assignments assume that each student has the same home environment.  I never thought that homework assignments were unequal but it really is.

The idea that homework doesn’t have due dates is interesting and the fact that “triage” is mentioned makes sense to all educators.  Giving students choice is a great way to instantly let students feel like they’re in control.  “The winning condition being in reach” is great because this way will help students progress to the next step and be successful.

The change of the metrics of schools is a bold goal but necessary.  I like how he said, “education has changed more in 10 years than in the last 100 years” because with the technology boost the world has changed and schools should too.  How to make those changes in a worldwide learning setting or even the US will be slower because of all the regulations and laws and perceptions.  How will parents feel that their kids are playing games at school?  The change will require a paradigm shift that learning is the goal rather than passing.  I believe the students will embrace this change quicker than the faculty or parents.

One concern with this system is procrastination, if students have no due dates then how many “late nighters” will be experienced when the time to be done comes?  The ways the quests progress with levels is a step towards fixing this, maybe there’s a way to have the quests leave after a certain amount of time and that experience can’t be earned afterwards.  I think procrastination for the students’ triage will be key in the success of this learning schema.

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