EDTECH 597-Lesson Plan for gaming app

Identification of objectives and assessment

The standards for this mobile game align with the Seminary and Institutes of Religion Teaching and Learning Emphasis-Master Key Scripture Passages and Basic Doctrines

The goal for this game is to assist students in identifying basic doctrines and scripture mastery references and to help them memorize key scripture passages.

-Assessments for the game.
This game will be a review tool for the students.  The assessment will come as they are tested in class with a matching test and also a fill in the blank memorization portion.

Identification of audience
High School release time seminary students already familiar with the 9 basic doctrines and 25 scripture mastery references for the Book of Mormon

Materials and media
(resources, sprites, visuals and audio)
This game is designed as a review activity for student to do on their own to be followed up with an assessment quiz testing their understanding of the doctrines and being able to easily identify them.  Each student will need an iPhone in order to download the free app from the app store.   The visuals are provided with the app and will work as basic background images or button images.  The audio is designed to be played on a loop as the students play the game.  The song has been written and composed by me (Matt Hoge) and has no copyright restrictions. 

Game Content and Mechanics
The game genre for this game is a puzzle video game.  As students will match the basic doctrines with the scripture mastery passages they will use cognitive learning skills to remember where they match and will also require the ability to memorize.  Their is only  one level for matching and one level for memorizing.  Feedback is given as students make a match.  Scores will be determined by the fastest time. (see lesson below)

Lesson plan
Invite a few students to try to test their knowledge of the basic doctrines and scripture mastery passages by having them try to match them on the board.
2. After they have had some time to practice, assist students in downloading the free app to give them practice. Note-not all students will will have an iPhone, for schools with iPads the app will still work.
3. After students have had time to download the app the will then be put into groups and timed to see who can match the doctrines and scriptures on their apps the fastest.
4. Students will then take the game home and practice to be tested next class.

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