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Cloud Party: Cloud Hopper

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 10.39.40 AM

I captured this place because I think it represents the creative options in Cloud Party.  I wandered around, created some stuff, basically it’s a open empty field waiting to be filled with imagination!


Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 10.44.01 AM

This place was really neat!  I liked how it felt like I was in a “upper class” world and was still able to create some items to place in my world.  Who would have thought adding a sofa “over there” would be so fun!  This place is a great meet and greet place also, a place where the conversation can go to a deeper level too.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 10.46.00 AM


Now this world was really fun!  Start the race and jump on a hover bike it’s that easy!  This world showed the “gaming” aspect of Cloud Party.  It’s not only a place to socialize and meet but to also play and compete.  I thought there was barely any noticeable lag and that helps to create a great experience.

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EDTECH 531 Cloud Party

  1. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using a virtual world app like Cloud Party that is connected to Facebook for educational purposes? How about in a cloud based environment?

    The benefits to me would be the constant connectivity and ease of access that Cloud Party creates.  Being connected to Facebook means it’s connected to the world.  Students are able to check in frequently and meet up a lot easier.  One drawback may be the restriction for having to have a Facebook account.  Although most of the world is on there, I still have many students who aren’t.  Cloud based environment would be beneficial depending on the environment that is chosen.  Each environment has different objectives and I think their would be many benefits for using those environments.

  2. How does Cloud Party mimic some of the other virtual world environments that you are familiar with?

    Cloud party is like a simplified version of Second Life to me.  It’s a lot easier to use and a lot more limited.  The ease of access in simple and doesn’t take much to create.  Minecraft is similar in it’s simple way to create, but Cloud Party brings more of the virtual feel with its avatars.  It feels like a bit of a mix of Second Life and Minecraft.

  3. What are your initial thoughts about this application as a medium in education? Do you have any positive or negative expectations?

    My initial thoughts are that this application is easy to use and easy to access.  Anything the makes it easier on the learner I think helps the learning process in virtual worlds so the constant reminder of “bugs” isn’t interrupting the learning experience.  Cloud party seems ideal for that. My expectations are positive with using it as a medium in education.  The ability to choose and explore I think are great readinesses in learning.  Cloud Party gives the learner that ability instantly and with the simplicity to build, teachers can create some amazing learning experiences for their students.

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EDTECH 531 Blowing up the grade book



In this video Chris Haskell argues with stunning results a revolutionary way of teaching and learning. As the title suggests it’s to get rid of the grade book and make learning a game.

I thought it was interesting how the argument of having homework assignments assume that each student has the same home environment.  I never thought that homework assignments were unequal but it really is.

The idea that homework doesn’t have due dates is interesting and the fact that “triage” is mentioned makes sense to all educators.  Giving students choice is a great way to instantly let students feel like they’re in control.  “The winning condition being in reach” is great because this way will help students progress to the next step and be successful.

The change of the metrics of schools is a bold goal but necessary.  I like how he said, “education has changed more in 10 years than in the last 100 years” because with the technology boost the world has changed and schools should too.  How to make those changes in a worldwide learning setting or even the US will be slower because of all the regulations and laws and perceptions.  How will parents feel that their kids are playing games at school?  The change will require a paradigm shift that learning is the goal rather than passing.  I believe the students will embrace this change quicker than the faculty or parents.

One concern with this system is procrastination, if students have no due dates then how many “late nighters” will be experienced when the time to be done comes?  The ways the quests progress with levels is a step towards fixing this, maybe there’s a way to have the quests leave after a certain amount of time and that experience can’t be earned afterwards.  I think procrastination for the students’ triage will be key in the success of this learning schema.

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EDTECH 597-Lesson Plan for gaming app

Identification of objectives and assessment

The standards for this mobile game align with the Seminary and Institutes of Religion Teaching and Learning Emphasis-Master Key Scripture Passages and Basic Doctrines

The goal for this game is to assist students in identifying basic doctrines and scripture mastery references and to help them memorize key scripture passages.

-Assessments for the game.
This game will be a review tool for the students.  The assessment will come as they are tested in class with a matching test and also a fill in the blank memorization portion.

Identification of audience
High School release time seminary students already familiar with the 9 basic doctrines and 25 scripture mastery references for the Book of Mormon

Materials and media
(resources, sprites, visuals and audio)
This game is designed as a review activity for student to do on their own to be followed up with an assessment quiz testing their understanding of the doctrines and being able to easily identify them.  Each student will need an iPhone in order to download the free app from the app store.   The visuals are provided with the app and will work as basic background images or button images.  The audio is designed to be played on a loop as the students play the game.  The song has been written and composed by me (Matt Hoge) and has no copyright restrictions. 

Game Content and Mechanics
The game genre for this game is a puzzle video game.  As students will match the basic doctrines with the scripture mastery passages they will use cognitive learning skills to remember where they match and will also require the ability to memorize.  Their is only  one level for matching and one level for memorizing.  Feedback is given as students make a match.  Scores will be determined by the fastest time. (see lesson below)

Lesson plan
Invite a few students to try to test their knowledge of the basic doctrines and scripture mastery passages by having them try to match them on the board.
2. After they have had some time to practice, assist students in downloading the free app to give them practice. Note-not all students will will have an iPhone, for schools with iPads the app will still work.
3. After students have had time to download the app the will then be put into groups and timed to see who can match the doctrines and scriptures on their apps the fastest.
4. Students will then take the game home and practice to be tested next class.

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