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Mine Craft-The Big picture

Recently I had the opportunity to go into a number of Mine Craft world created and monitored by Lucas Gillispie.  Up to this point I had found Mine Craft entertaining and full of educational possibilities.  Lucas showed me a world that was incredible!  Students were actively engaged in creating their worlds, some had leadership roles in the world, others were aspiring to become higher ranked, and all of them were completely invested. As with any virtual environment there are some technical requirements and considerations with using Mine Craft.  Some of the schools has classroom computers and servers provided for the students to use, other students had access at home.  The students were using the school computers to create worlds and explanations for learning activities.  In the classroom setting, students were watched over and encouraged by their instructors.  In the virtual world, the instructor and helpers would observe the conduct and happenings in the worlds.  It was interesting to think of the impact the environments had the schools they served. At first glance it may seem like a nice program or a fun club but the schools that have implemented Mine Craft as a learning tool have had huge success.  One example is the art world created by art students  The “epic” sized creations and creativity was amazing!  Students also implemented math skills and geometry to design and engineer their projects.  The response to each of these situations of using Mine Craft in schools was positive.  As a Seminary Teacher I don’t see very much feasibility of using Mine Craft in my apartment but I can see the impact and progress they make in learning.  As virtual worlds become more available I can see more integration in the classrooms.  The big picture take away most meaningful to me and the people in my educational community I believe is the success that Mine Craft and virtual tools can bring if properly used as learning tools.  The accessibility and entertainment of Mine Craft make it have so many possibilities for education.  I would like to see some more school integration in my community of tools like Mine Craft because students have a desire to “play” these games and if carefully tailored video gaming can go from a waste of time to an effective educational experience.

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Second Life

What is Second Life? The title describes really well what it is, it is a virtual world that reflects our own where one can create an avatar to live a second life.  To state succinctly, it’s a game that virtually mimics the real world.  The overall usability of Second Life is very easy and accessible.  It’s free to use (although items may be purchased) and anyone with minimum cpu requirements and internet can log on and play.  There are a lot of possibilities for SL in the future and in my future.  Even though it mimics our world, the limitations are taken away and the freedom of imagination is unleashed. From an educator’s standpoint SL can be very useful in creating learning situations. I’m not sure how much I will actually get into SL as a hobby or game, but I see it more as a tool for learning.  As I discover more about SL I may find myself living more virtually than in reality


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