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Edtech 531-Exploring the Big Island

Exploring the Big Island Voice thread discussion

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EDTECH 531-My Alt, My Avatar

Consider the implications of Dr. Bailenson research and thought on the education of YOUR students. What takeaways do you have about the impactVirtual worlds on the future of education, as described in the video.

I found this video very interesting because of how the study shows the connection between behavior in real life and in virtual worlds through avatars.  The conclusion I came to is that there is some real value in giving my students certain virtual situations to help them to learn.  I think there is a big connection between behavior and learning, and there seems to be a reflection of real life behavior in virtual worlds.  If exercising your avatar more by moving yourself more, loses virtual and physical weight, then putting teaching scenarios or role playing into the virtual world can help educate my students to respond to those situations in real life.

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