Week 1-What is PBL?

For week 1 of EDTECH 542 we were asked to investigate into Project Based Learning. One website that seemed to be the heart of what PBL is, how to use it, and basically the main resource of PBL is found here.  I have used elements of PBL in my teaching but I didn’t know the order and other elements involved in PBL.  I’m glad I am learning about this because it will be very helpful in my approach to teaching.

One interesting observation was recognizing the difference between Project Based Learning and Problem Based Learning.  I thought it would be easy to distinguish between the two but I found it a little bit difficult to communicate my thoughts.  Overall, I would conclude that Problem Based Learning is focused on creating a deeper understanding of a subject through analysis and solving while Project Based Learning is a way to put into real-world practice modern skills to be successful in life.

I had the option to choose 1 group out of 3 to discuss with other students.  I choose group 1 which dealt with the definition of PBL because I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant. Come here to see my post.

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