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Week 2-Explore Sample Projects

Our task this week was to review different Project-Based resources and find one that we really liked and look for how to implement it into the classroom.  The project I found was called ““Using Technology to Connect Students & the Environment”.  I really liked this project because it combined technology with the environment. I am involved in scouts and some leaders really frown on allowing the boys to use ipods or anything like that while we are camping.  I think their philosophy was to help the boys “get away” from everything when we camp.  I like that philosophy but this PBL project seemed to make the enviorment and outdoors more intriguing by using technology to learn about it.  I think they had some great ideas and philosophies for teaching regardless whether I will be teaching science or not.

Another task was to ind an article on the topic of the effectiveness of Project Based Learning in diverse classrooms.  The article I found is called, “Interdisciplinary project-based learning leads to success” by James Anderson an automotive tech teacher at Greenville Ohio High School.  This article summarized very well the “idea” of PBL and also gave many evidences of it’s success.  In Anderson’s (2010) article it states:

“In addition to winning awards, we see the success of having many students further their education                  through the Automotive Youth Education System (AYES) program, a summer internship at a local dealership or independent service center that takes place between the junior and senior year. And after high school graduation, a large percentage of our students go on to postsecondary education to earn an associate’s degree in automotive technology/science.”

Overall the research this week has been very enjoyable.  I was starting to feel a little concerned because I noticed a common feature of the need for creativity through out the projects.  I found a couple of sites that I feel will help with that concern though. I found that PBL has been positively adapted and almost every project seems to be successful.  I’m sure if I dig a little deeper I’ll find some failures but overall I think that their are more pros than cons.

I think PBL will fit nicely into my teaching style.   I think their may be some limitations because of the situation I’m teaching in but the philosophy of PBL will be very valuable to me.

As far as ideas for a project, I think I might try to look into doing some work with scouts to creating a successful experience as shown from the project I found.  I still need to get a great grasp on PBL and where to start but I think I have a much greater idea now of what I want to do and where I want to go.


Anderson, J. (2010). Interdisciplinary project-based learning leads to success. Tech Directions, 70(4), 20-21. Retrieved from

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Week 1-What is PBL?

For week 1 of EDTECH 542 we were asked to investigate into Project Based Learning. One website that seemed to be the heart of what PBL is, how to use it, and basically the main resource of PBL is found here.  I have used elements of PBL in my teaching but I didn’t know the order and other elements involved in PBL.  I’m glad I am learning about this because it will be very helpful in my approach to teaching.

One interesting observation was recognizing the difference between Project Based Learning and Problem Based Learning.  I thought it would be easy to distinguish between the two but I found it a little bit difficult to communicate my thoughts.  Overall, I would conclude that Problem Based Learning is focused on creating a deeper understanding of a subject through analysis and solving while Project Based Learning is a way to put into real-world practice modern skills to be successful in life.

I had the option to choose 1 group out of 3 to discuss with other students.  I choose group 1 which dealt with the definition of PBL because I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant. Come here to see my post.

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