School Evaluation Summary

The School Evaluation Summary was a really interesting assignment.  In this assignment we were first asked to familiarize ourselves with the Technology Maturity Benchmark then make an evaluation of our school.  This was completely new to me, I had never thought of technology in schools in such a complex way.  I think that might be one of the main problems we have.  It seems to me that with technology changing so quickly that we just let it come without planning properly and studying the developments.  I think School Evaluation Summaries will help with keeping up with technology because we have a measurable way that changes with the advancement of technology.

The Technology Maturity Benchmark uses different levels to determine the maturity of technology in the school.  The levels or stages are; the Emergent Stage, the Islands Stage, the Integrated Stage, and the Intelligent Stage.  Emergent represents the least mature and Intelligent as the most mature.   Each of these stages are divided into two categories; Behavioral and Resource/Infrastructure.  I think the division of each of these areas is very necessary because the behaviors of technology use and the sources available really determine the level of maturity in technology.  One thing I found interesting is that my school seemed to embrace technological resources but the behavior was one of the biggest factors in the development.  While the school did well on the resource side, the lack of training was really a big indicator of the maturity level.  Very little training was available and worse was the behavior of the teachers because the teachers didn’t have a strong desire to be trained.  So the biggest hold up in my school was the lack of training.  Technology is only as effective as the users ability.  As technology advances it gets simpler for the user but we can’t assume anyone can “just figure it out”.

This assignment was very interesting and I really enjoyed it.  It opened my eyes to realize the importance of defining what level of technology you’re using. If you don’t know where you’re at it’s difficult to see where you’re going especially in Educational technology.

School Evaluation Survey

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