RSS For Education

Learning about RSS has opened up a whole new world for me.  Until I’ve learned about RSS I was mostly using twitter to get my information.  I really like how easy RSS is to use, it’s simple to subscribe and easy to read.  I’m just thinking of a few ways to use this in the classroom or lesson.  One way is to keep students up to date on assignments.  I subscribed to the “EDTECH News Forum” and I can see the value and simplicity of getting the news out there. I can see me creating a feed where my students can access to get information on assignments, due dates, upcoming activities, etc.

Another way I may use RSS in a lesson plan is to keep creativity and variety up.  I just skimmed the surface but I’m sure there’s plenty of feeds I can find that can give good lesson ideas everyday.  It can be a valuable resource to be able to just look at the feed and see what’s out there for new ideas for lessons.  RSS really opens up limitless creativity.

In addition to this I would use RSS for research.  RSS is really useful for bringing information to me, I have already subscribed to a few feeds that I think will help give me valuable resources to work with.  I believe RSS feeds will make resource easier because the resources will be coming to me.  Even though I haven’t really used RSS I can see the many benefits for it in the classroom and teaching.

This is the link for the RSS Feeds

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