Horizon Report Tech Trend

This is the lesson plan I created.  It was a unique assignment because I teach religious education rather than secular so lesson plan objectives are quite different!  However, I still found the Ipad as a very successful tool with the many apps that it has available.  I choose the Ipad (tablet computing) because of it’s many possibilities. I didn’t have to look very hard to find different creative ways to use it.  I also chose the Ipad because of its simplicity, guiding students through the apps is simple because it’s such a clear operating system.  Most students are aware on how to use IOS and that makes it easier and more effective.  I chose the Ipad also because of it’s many capabilities, each app makes it another tool, I used 4 different apps with one device in this lesson plan.  I didn’t have to provide 4 different tools for each student which eliminates cost as well as confusion.  Overall, I find the Ipad a successful tool because of it’s simplicity and ability to become many tools.

I think this aligns with 4.2 resource management because this assignment helped me to see the resources out there, how to plan and manage them, and see the applicable use of them in the classroom.  This assignment helped me find a tool and allowed me to justify using that tool in the classroom by creating a practical lesson plan.  This helped me understand and find resources, and then use them in an effective way.

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