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Zotero Group Library

In this assignment I learned how to use a very valuable resource for organizing research.  The resource is Zotero and works exclusively with Firefox browser.  Even though I prefer Google Chrome I found that this tool was so effective with research, organization, and collaboration that I didn’t mind going back to Firefox.  Zotero is effective in research because it is simple to “capture” information quickly.  Zotero makes citation simple and quick which makes searching for the best information more effective.  At first looking at this assignment to find 5 resources seemed like it would be very time consuming.  To find 5 resources with Zotero was much easier than I thought and I because of this I was able to find more resources and narrow them down to the ones I felt were most useful.  Zotero makes research simpler because of how fast it is to store resources.  Zotero is also very effective tool for organizing the resources found.  The library is customizable and it’s simple to add notes and other information to each resource.  As much as Zotero excels with research and organization it also has a very simple way to connect and collaborate your research with others.  The Zotero Group Library makes resource so much more effective because it’s simple to combine other resources found.  I know feel like I have an enormous supply of good resources for research because of the Zotero Group LIbrary.

I feel like this assignment aligns with the AECT Standard 4.4 Information Management because it help me organize resources by using Zotero to plan, monitor, control storage, transfer, and process information.  Zotero does it all!

Zotero Group LIbrary

Resource I shared with the group:

Banister, S. (2010). Integrating the iPod touch in K-12 education: Visions and vices. Computers in the Schools27(2), 121–131.

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Horizon Report Tech Trend

This is the lesson plan I created.  It was a unique assignment because I teach religious education rather than secular so lesson plan objectives are quite different!  However, I still found the Ipad as a very successful tool with the many apps that it has available.  I choose the Ipad (tablet computing) because of it’s many possibilities. I didn’t have to look very hard to find different creative ways to use it.  I also chose the Ipad because of its simplicity, guiding students through the apps is simple because it’s such a clear operating system.  Most students are aware on how to use IOS and that makes it easier and more effective.  I chose the Ipad also because of it’s many capabilities, each app makes it another tool, I used 4 different apps with one device in this lesson plan.  I didn’t have to provide 4 different tools for each student which eliminates cost as well as confusion.  Overall, I find the Ipad a successful tool because of it’s simplicity and ability to become many tools.

I think this aligns with 4.2 resource management because this assignment helped me to see the resources out there, how to plan and manage them, and see the applicable use of them in the classroom.  This assignment helped me find a tool and allowed me to justify using that tool in the classroom by creating a practical lesson plan.  This helped me understand and find resources, and then use them in an effective way.

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Digital Inequality Presentation

I learned from this assignment that importance and value of being able to work as a team.  Our group was located in different states and even in a different country.  I learned the value of VoiceThread’s ability to connect people from all over the world.  We also used google hangout and google documents to collaborate ideas and plan to make the presentation successful.  Using these tools I was able to understand the AECT standard of Project Management by “planning, monitoring, and controlling instructional design and development projects” (Seels & Richey, 1994, p. 50) This assignment also helped me understand the digital inequality problem and different ways to solve it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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